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Micrograin Tools

Micrograin ToolsMicrograin Tools Advantage

With its unique composition and structure, micrograin can substantially outperform conventional grades on certain applications and particularly on certain metals.

Designed to perform

ACT’s micrograin carbide tipped brazed tools combine the strength of high speed steel with the hardness and wear resistance of carbide. In addition to these properties, a high degree of shock resistance safeguards them from chipping or breaking under normal conditions.

Excellent cutting tool choice
Micrograin is an exceptional choice for many difficult machining applications not suited to the cast iron and nonferrous or steel carbide grades already offered by ACT. These include heavy roughing at low speeds and problem applications where other carbides fail by chipping and where cast alloys or high speed steel wear rapidly. Micrograin carbide handles interrupted cuts even on welds and flame-cut material. It also allows for greatly increased speeds and feeds in high strength thermal resistant alloys.

Micrograin is effective in machining high temperature-high strength alloys, work hardened stainless steels and hard metals. It excels in cutting tough materials such as aluminum, brass, bronze, cobalt, hastalloy, high speed steel, inconel, molybdenum, rene, stainless steel, super alloys, titanium, tungsten, waspalloy and zirconium, to name a few.

Micrograin Tools Shipping

These micrograin tools are now in stock and available for immediate, off-the-shelf delivery in the sizes and styles listed below.

We can also supply non-stocked, special and form tools in micrograin carbide and would appreciate the opportunity to quote your requirements.