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Precision Tools

Unsurpassed Precision Tools Quality

ACT’s Precision Tools Division produces the most advanced cutting tools including PCD (polycrystalline diamond) & CBN (cubic boron nitride) tipped inserts and tools, as well as precision ground cutting tools and flat form tools made from carbide and other materials. The result is precision cutting tools which are unsurpassed in quality.

Tradition of Excellence

American Carbide Tool Company (ACT) is the leading manufacturer of single point brazed carbide tipped tools. Known for the uncompromising excellence of our products, we have applied our years of tool manufacturing expertise to our Precision Tool Division.

Over 50 years of tool making experience, PCD & CBN Tipped Inserts and Tools, Special Precision Ground and Wire-EDM Flat Form Tools

Made in the U.S.A.


  • Potentially hundreds of times the tool life of carbide with PCD.
  • Up to 50 times tool life of carbide with CBN.
  • High material removal rates decrease operation cycle times, providing more parts per shift.
  • Cutting speeds two to three times those of conventional tools.
  • Longer tool life resulting in excellent dimensional control and consistent surface finishes. Together these provide improved work piece quality and minimize scrap rates.
  • Increased machine tool uptime as a result of longer tool life provides greater production capacity without investment in new equipment.
  • PCD & CBN provides significant productivity and cost savings in manufacturing operations.
  • The full potential and value of super abrasive tools over conventional tooling can be evaluated by tracking gains in productivity.

We have developed our own unique grinding process for PCD & CBN giving ACT’s cutting tools a superior edge. The ACT edge gives you increased tool life and improved finish, while providing you with increased productivity and lower cost.

Prove it for yourself with a trial order! American made PCD & CBN tipped tooling from American Carbide Tool Company can outperform the competition.


There are significant differences between PCD and CBN which make the two products suitable for distinct applications. PCD reacts chemically with ferrous materials, so it is usually recommended only for nonferrous and non-metallic materials. CBN resists chemical reaction with iron and is therefore specified for use with ferrous materials.

When Using Super Abrasive Cutting Tools:

  • Use rigid machining system and minimize insert overhang.
  • Clean seat of tool holder prior to use and changing of insert.
  • Tool holder and seat must be in good condition, free of wear.
  • Machining system must be capable of running at the recommended speeds.
  • Do not exceed depth of cut as recommended in the applications guidelines.
  • Do not stop machine in cut as insert breakage may occur.
  • Interrupted cut may require an additional hone. If applicable, please indicate when ordering.
  • Use care in inspecting… only use optical inspection equipment.